21 Day Fully Immersive Detox Experience

Vitalise Spring Revive, 21 days to more energy, mental clarity and overall wellbeing with Naturopath Denise Melton from Vitalise Health

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Vitalise Spring Revive Core features

Simple Easy Concepts

During the next 21 days we will show you simple easy ways to rejuvenate and revive your body and mind. It is our hope that some of these habits will become part of your daily life so that you will continue to reap the benefits to your overall health. Being easy is important for most of us do not have time or energy for complicated. Our hassel free 21 day reset is not going to add to your stress levels


When you join you become part of the Vitalise Spring Revive Group. Here you will join with others doing the 21 days, share recipes, obstacles and challenges that you may come across. Support is vital when undergoing any change, and so we will be doing a Facebook Live session every Saturday during the revive from 9am.

Enhanced Detox Supplementation

Whilst supplementation is optional, we recommend some supplements in order to get the full benefit of your 21 day revive, these are proven practitioner only products  which help eliminate toxins from the body (Toxaprevent Plus Powder), support the liver detoxification phases (Matrix Phase Detox Powder) and rebuilds the gut microbiome (ProBiome Plus). To purchase these products from us you will need to be signed up to the cleanse as they are practitioner only products and require instruction.

Spring Revive Benefits

Physical Body

Your body will thank you from a cellular level! You will be able to breathe easier, have more energy and eliminate toxins that may have caused you to be sluggish. You will probably loose weight, and feel more confident in your body. Your skin will have a healthy glow, and overall you will be more vital.  

Better Focus and Mental Clarity

You will find you are more focused and clear in your thinking, all day without those afternoon fades. You will react better to stressful situations, staying calm and in control. Your memory will improve and you will find yourself less distracted.

Overall Wellbeing

When there is a release of stagnation from the body and the mind there is room for energy to flow more freely. In this state we become more efficient at everything! Our relationships are easier, we are generally happier and find that life is a little more joyful.

Spring Revive Basic

  • Daily meal plans for the 3 weeks
  • Facebook group for all members
  • Facebook live once a week
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